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Replacement sensors and valve actuators for solar pool heating.

Pool Collector Block Sensor, 10K Ohm

By Heliotrope General

Aluminum block type 10K sensor for control of solar pool heating systems. Generally used as the solar sensor for roof mounted and ground rack mounted solar arrays. Can be used with all Heliotrope Pool, Goldline or Pentair controls. More...

$19.21 + $3.99 Shipping

Sensor Wire, 18/2

By SunEarth Inc.

Two conductor sensor wire, UV protected for solar pool and domestic hot water sensor leads. More...

$0.34 + $4.99 Shipping

Sensor Wire, 18/2, Shielded

By General Cable

Two conductor shielded wire for solar pool heating and solar domestic hot water sensor wires. More...

$0.83 + $4.99 Shipping